About Us

Martopolis is a unique marketplace to buy and sell apps, websites, domains and other digital properties. You can post a free listing your website or app easily by registering as a free account. If you want to purchase, you have a wide range of listings from which you can buy domains, websites and apps.

In this age of digitalisation where website flipping is more common than window shopping we truly believe that digital resources are highly untapped assets of a company. Buying websites, apps and domains are nonetheless great source of investment. Also, Martopolis.com acts as a bridge for businesses which need technical resources by helping them with all digital technical solutions while also helping them to sell their websites and apps to those who need them. And we are doing very well in it by the way. So, with Martopolis.com we are introducing a marketplace model to give opportunities to individuals and businesses to trade their digital assets. Moreover, to help businesses grow, we create modern standard websites and apps at the most affordable rates. We feel that with the global digital momentum, it is a necessity for all-scale businesses to have their own digital footprint.



Thus, getting businesses online is at the core of our service. In all, Martopolis helps people sell, invest and grow. Flip onto www.martopolis.com.

What do we do? 
1) Platform for to buy and sell apps, websites, domains and other digital properties. 
2) Developing websites, apps and other digital technical solutions for businesses. 

Did you like our idea? You too can join us now. 

Yes, we are searching for those who have the passion and obsession to thrill the web with ideas. Those ideas which are great but aren’t getting any chance. So, don’t worry. We are here for you. All you got to do is JOIN US and become a change maker in the global web market.

Your queries and suggestions means a lot for us. So CONTACT us , at [email protected] and send in your doubts and we will help you as soon as possible.
NOTE: Please check the TERMS FOR SERVICE before trading with us.

We hope that you will have a good experience trading with us.