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World has become quite an interesting place to live in today. Things are changing at a much greater pace than ever before and a big agent for change has been Internet in many forms. We have already seen the transformations that web and apps have brought in today. They have helped us to solve many unconventional problems faced by humanity today. So, to solve those unconventional problems there are people who are using the web and many are building ways to access the web through websites, apps and other innovative projects. Also, internet has given rise to a lot of startups that are willing to crash and burn to solve problems. The good thing about startups is obviously innovation, motivation, disruption etc. but the bad thing is that the success rate is just 10%. So, there are great number of startups getting born every day and there are many startups that die on the same day. But when startups die they often leave many untapped resources that may be of great use to some other startup. While, there are many new startups that need data, inventories, apps and web of older startups for growth.

What is martopolis.com and how is it different?

Bridging the gap between dead startups and new startups is at the heart of Martopolis.com. Martopolis.com is a website that is designed with special emphasis on trading of digital properties like domains, websites and apps.

Many of us have websites, domains and apps that are famous and well-maintained. In fact there are many startups that have huge amount of digital properties but are at brink of shut down. Somehow, you as an individual or owner of startup feel that you won’t be able to continue with it and also at the same time, you don’t want to close it. Now that you are clueless about what to do, then we have a perfect solution to it. Start a new business by selling your digital properties through us. We will connect you to the buyers of your product and you can set your clause accordingly.


For buyers, we connect them directly to the sellers so that all their confusion regarding the product is cleared. For the sellers, posting ads is very easy and flexible, the only work that they have to do is to be ready with your product and register with us for FREE. Next is our responsibility to get you the best deals for the seller.

We have been in startup circuit from quite a long time and that has given us a great opportunity to observe startup phenomena quite closely. We have seen lots of startups crashing and burning with its members left bankrupt and you can see that phenomenon happening everywhere. There is no financial security for people who do startups. It was not so that the people who went bankrupt didn’t do anything. They did great stuffs but sometimes they fail due to their own mistakes, sometimes just because all the factors don’t come together to push them together and they just happen to have bad luck or bad timing. Many a times this happens because these startups are not able to scale up properly. They sometimes mistakes which costs them a lot. This insight view into working of startups motivated us to do something about solving this problem. We tried to think of an elegant solution to help dead startups to make something out of assets they have created while help new startups to scale up quickly and securely using experiences and assets of dead startups. That’s what drives us to come to work. But we realized an interesting thing about the platform we created.

We learnt that platform for individuals and entrepreneurs to trade in their digital properties like domains, websites and apps as lots of people possesses them anyways. There are people who are passionate about buying a particular domain name. So, if they find it at any of domain provider then, they can always looks into domain aftermarket such as Martopolis.com to get things done. Similarly, people can buy a fully functional website or app from us. So, we are also helping people in trade-ins of digital properties which is a great motivation for us. Also, during our short duration of project we received pretty good feedbacks, media coverage and awards & recognition which always motivated us to do what we are doing in best way possible. The success of Martopolis.com is supported by the passionate people that make up the team here; from software development to customer support and assisted sales, our job is to ensure that our users find the best entrepreneurial opportunities available and reduce risk factor in startup ecosystem. We are startup for startups and that’s our biggest motivator. That’s what keeps our heads on our target and our eyes on the work table. We are signed in to our objectives and we remain committed to our responsibilities.

So, this has led us to win and be recognized at many prestigious BPlan competitions including ones at LNMIT Jaipur, JNIT Jaipur, IIT BOMBAY, BITS Hyderabad etc.

But Martopolis.com is not just about awards and it’s kind of something of great impact on startups, individuals and development of entrepreneurial society as a whole. Impacts have already started showing but there is lot more to come. As earlier mentioned, the risk factor is quite high in case of startups. So, with Martopolis.com we are significantly reducing the risk factor in startup space and thus, helping startups to think about innovation and disruption and think less about failing. This will have a great impact on providing monetary security to entrepreneurs to crash and burn for their objectives. This will encourage them to open more ventures even if they fail with their last venture. It will also help new startups to get injection of experience through research and assets of old startups they can buy using Martopolis.com. Also, lots of individuals today own digital assets such as domain, websites and apps and there are many freelancers in the market too that have skills to create these digital assets. We help them to achieve more with their skills and assets. Also, people without any coding knowledge can get business online using the pre-made websites and apps.

Thus, these things will encourage entrepreneurial activities among individuals. And it’s quite evident with the financial security and more entrepreneurs onboard what startups can achieve, innovate and disrupt. World is definitely going to get a better place more startups coming. And with financial security and experience enabler startups will definitely feel secure. That’s what we are trying to create with Martopolis.com which will have a great impact overall. So, as we say martopolis.com is truly a startup for startups.

Did you like our idea? You too can join us now. 

Yes, we are searching for those who have the passion and obsession to thrill the web with ideas. Those ideas which are great but aren’t getting any chance. So, don’t worry. We are here for you. All you got to do is JOIN US and become a change maker in the global web market.

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